A New England Document

by Che Applewhaite

»A New England Document« (2020) by Che Applewaithe is screened in the context of the performative discursive event »Unexpected Lessons – Decolonizing Memory and Knowledge«.

Using found footage with selected images and text from The Marshall Collection at Harvard University’s Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, A New England Document by Che Applewaithe reconstructs the impulse of two ethnographers’ photographic encounters in the Kalahari Desert, Namibia, from the reparative perspective of its formerly silenced stories. The filmmaker, a Black international Harvard undergraduate, and their daughter, New-York-Times-bestselling writer Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, give voice in fragmentary counterpoint upon the haunting sounds of archival ghosts: of future possibility arising from once known pasts.

Film Language: English

Cast and Credit List:

Concept | Script | Cinematography | Secondary Photography | Image Edit | Sound Mix | Color Correction | Voiceover: Che Roberto Applewhaite (Trinidad & Tobago | United Kingdom).

Voiceover: Elizabeth Marshall Thomas (United States of America).

Sound Design: Pavel Lebedev (Russia).

A New England Document by Che Applewhaite
A New England Document by Che Applewaithe, 2020, Film Still