Refusing, Embracing, Letting Go

November 10th, 18.00 h @Vierte Welt, Kottbusser Tor. For the LA PALABRE series, from July-December 2023, we invite Berlin-based researchers*, artists*, and activists to discuss the issues we have been working on over the past two years as part of TALKING OBJECTS, an artistic research project on decolonizing knowledge. In a small La Palabre group of 40 people, we meet and share snacks and stories.

Refusing, Embracing and Letting Go. What to do with the institutions? Cooperation or Refusal? Struggling for visibility or dancing in the dark? We want to talk about what it means to practice decolonization and intersectionality in institutions. What are the strategies – inside and outside the institution? And what does it mean to be a guest in white institutions with decolonial projects and as BIPoC artists*?

Ibou C. Diop and David Frohnapfel talk about diversity work, processes of decolonization, and their work at German institutions, both in research and museum practice––about reclaiming, blockages, failure, hierarchies, spaces of possibility, and liberation in leaving traditional structures. Isabel Raabe shares experiences from the work of Talking Objects Lab. For artistic interventions, we invite artist Felisha Maria Carenage and poet and performer Trovania. Culinary curation and input of this evening are by Daeng Khamlao

LA PALABRE #5 is hosted by Miriam Camara.

LA PALABRE is curated by Isabel Raabe and Celina Baljeet Basra.

Supported by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds