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Decolonize Knowledge Memory

Dekoloniale Unexpected Lessons City Walk

A Video City Walk with Israel Kaunatjike, Paulette Reed-Anderson, Mynaka Sururu Mboro and Christian Kopp along colonial traces in Berlin. A Cooperation Project with DEKOLONIALE Memory Culture in the City. Read more

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Contemporary Art Archive (Archive practices) Decolonize Memory Knowledge

Un-Documented – Unlearning Imperial Plunder

»Un-Documented – Unlearning Imperial Plunder« (35 min) is screened in the context of the performative discursive event »Unexpected Lessons – Decolonizing Memory and Knowledge«. The film by Ariella Aïsha Azoulay argues—against Alain Resnais and Chris Marker’s film Statues Also Die—that statues… Read more

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Decolonize Museum practices Memory Knowledge African philosophy

When the empire gets weary, the objects may return

Njoki Ngumi in conversation with Jim Chuchu Read more

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African philosophy Contemporary Art Decolonize Archive (Archive practices) Knowledge Memory Museum practices Performance/Artistic Intervention Talk

Healing, as we know it, is about following a holistic approach.

Interview with Curators Mahret Ifeoma Kupka and Isabel Raabe Read more

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Contemporary Art Memory Performance/Artistic Intervention Film

Video Talk: Elsa M’Bala and Magnus Elias Rosengarten

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