Plural Knowledge on the Digital

15.04.2024 - 19.04.2024

The TALKING OBJECTS ARCHIVE team based in Berlin and Nairobi came together for an internal workshop in Nairobi to further evolve the archive, with a particular focus on the challenges of communicating plural and non-hierarchical knowledge digitally.


“Take the archive to the people and it can light a fire”

— Wangari the Storyteller

We were tackling questions such as: How can we bring objects in conversation in the digital space? How can digital technologies be used for counter-narratives? What challenges do technology, archival ethics and the database face when it comes to non-hegemonic presentation of plural knowledge? We spoke about how to activate a digital archive, how to make it a living archive that invites people to play with it. A digital garden needs to be cultivated. It should grow constantly, but you have to take care of it — the technology, the content, provide access and built new paths through the garden. Together with our guests Rosi Olang, Jim Chuchu, Njambura Mutanyi, Wangari the Storyteller and the artists Adam Yawe and Karwitha Karimi we delved into the world of object cosmologies and searched for their digital language.

Plural Knowledge on the Digital is funded by the Goethe-Institut.