TALKING OBJECTS ARCHIVE Residency: Karwitha Kirimi

April - July 2024

We're thrilled to announce the newest TALKING OBJECT ARCHIVE residency with Karwitha Kirimi, who will be contributing to the Archive with their own artwork, which matches an object from the digital Talking Objects ARCHIVE collection.

Karwitha Kirimi is an artist and writer based in Nairobi, East Africa. They work with words, images, ritual, and research. Their poetic practice attends to the word, the line, silence, and space. They use performance as a medium for ritual practice — they perform where their beloveds are to be found. For Karwitha, to be a cultural worker is to work with the very pillars of reality. Their explorations are fuelled by questions that emerge within the dark. Their work is in service of worlds where African babies are free, beloved, whole and complex. Karwitha is made possible by her ancestors and communities. They embrace play as a process and impetus. When not loitering under the trees, they can be found drinking the moon.

More will follow soon.

Funded by the Goethe-Institut. 

© Thuranira Jones