Theatrum Botanicum

Filmscreening by Uriel Orlow

Screening of three video works from Uriel Orlow's Theatrum Botanicum series, followed by a conversation between the artist and Isabel Raabe. At Spore Initiative, Hermannstr. 86, 12051 Berlin. In English & free Admission.

Uriel Orlow's Theatrum Botanicum is an ongoing research project that considers the botanical world as a political stage–through film, photography, installation, and sound. Starting from the dual vantage points of South Africa and Europe, the project considers plants as both witnesses and dynamic agents of history, connecting nature and people, rural and cosmopolitan medicine, tradition, and modernity–across different geographies, histories and knowledge systems, with a variety of healing, spiritual and economic powers. We will screen three single-channel films from the complete works of Theatrum Botanicum, exploring botanical nationalism and other legacies of colonialism, the migration and invasion of plants, biopiracy, and the role of plant classification and naming: The Crown Against Mafavuke (18 min, 2026), Imbizo Ka Mafavuke/Mafavuke's Tribunal (28 min, 2017) and Muthi (17 min, 2017).

The screening is part of the exhibition Ré-imaginer le passé, which can be seen until July 28 at the KINDL - Center for Contemporary Art and features the work Soil Affinities by Orlow.

Film still "Imbizo Ka Mafavuke" ©Uriel Orlow
Film still "Muthi" ©Uriel Orlow
Film still "The Crown Against Mafavuke" ©Uriel Orlow