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Talk Decolonize

Decolonization Labour is Emotional Labour

»Why are we keeping our heritage in someone else’s country?« Read more

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Contemporary Art Knowledge Memory Talk

Who heals here?

UNEXPECTED LESSONS –Artist talk with Elsa M'Bala, Nathalie Anguezomo Mba Bikoro and Magnus Elias Rosengarten (host) Read more

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African philosophy Archive (Archive practices) Knowledge Decolonize Memory

De-Westernization - On African Philosophy

What does the “decolonization of philosophy » mean? Is « philosophy » the real object of such a critical operation?  Read more

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Decolonize African philosophy Museum practices

Repenser l’histoire d’art

UNEXPECTED LESSONS – Panel discussion with Bénédicte Savoy (Art historian), El Hadji Malick Ndiaye (Art historian, curator) Moderation: Ibou Coulibaly Diop (Literary scholar) Read more

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Memory Knowledge Decolonize Objects (Re-Evaluation)

Coloniality and Education in Museums

“What are all of these things?” a seven-year-old in an ethnographic museum asks the facilitator on her way through the exhibition. “Did you make them all yourselves?” What can the facilitator say in response except “no”? Read more

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