Artwork: Viyé Diba

Residency at Musée Theodore Monod

Senegalese artist Viyé Diba evolved a spatial textile work during his residency at the Musée Théodore Monod d'art africain, on the occasion of the Talking Objects event »Le Langage des Objets«.

The idea came from the discovery of a Bété genital cover and transverse struts of a bed from Niger from the museum's collections. In this work, the material is the first reality that determines the artist's work. It defines the technical modus operandi: fibrous and assimilated material, modern nylon thread. Natural raffia, potato and onion bag fiber, etc. The textile material created is the result of this combination. The project materializes the need for a new mediation between the ancient works and the population. It is part of the ongoing debate on the restitution of African heritage works.


Text: Malick Ndiayé
Photos: Mamadou Touré Behan

Viyé Diba, Musée Theodore Monod Dakar, 2021
Bété genital cover, detail, Musée Theodore Monod, Dakar