February 2023

We are pleased to announce the most recent TALKING OBJECTS LAB residency at Musée Théodore Monod with Élise Fitte-Duval, who will be working with the collection of the museum for the forthcoming months.

After Viyé DibaIbrahima Thiam and the ongoing Henri Sagna Residency, the TALKING OBJECTS LAB continues its artist residencies at the Musée Théodore Monod with artists Élise Fitte-Duval.

Élise Fitte-Duval's statement about her residency:

 «I make objects speak in relation to history, such as that of the kingdom of Manding, to link it to our decolonial contemporaneity. I chose this kingdom somewhat arbitrarily, because it represents the geographical area in which I currently reside. But also because it is told through the exceptional myth of Sogolon, the mother of the hero Soundjata who founded the kingdom. She plays a preponderant role in his quest for social justice which, for me, prefigures current female social struggles. Exceptional because, according to A. Mukenge1, in African epic stories, women play a passive role. Their story is made of dotted lines in the general gesture. How can we connect the dots with everyday objects or even symbolic objects? In a previous exercise, I had practiced imagining clues to the story that would have remained latent in the space and in the bodies. I could proceed in the same way with the objects that offer a simple reference point, in that they are a product of the human being, to let the imagination take over. With the objects supposedly used at that time or in that type of realm, imagine human trajectories through a history that is itself partly fictional, to give substance to the myth. By doing this immersion, I try to show how our past is still inscribed in our present and necessarily affects it by leaving room for the imaginary, poetry, melancholy. I will look for objects in the collection of Musée Théodore Monod that could be related to the daily life of a woman, of that time to create my own myth.

Find out more about Élise Fitte-Duval under PEOPLE.

Funded by Collectivité Territoriale de Martinique.