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Artist Residency / Presentation & Lecture Performance with Ibrahima Thiam on May 26th 2022 at Musée Théodore Monod in Dakar, Senegal. Read more

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UNEXPECTED LESSONS #2 – Decolonizing Nature

TALKING OBJECTS LAB @Goethe Morph* Iceland

The three-day performative conference UNEXPECTED LESSONS #2 will take place as part of the festival Goethe Morph* Iceland in Reykjavik on September 13th -15th, 2022. Read more

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Imagining an Archive for Decolonial Knowledge


A digital conversation in December 2021. With Njoki Ngumi, Jim Chuchu, Neo Musangi, Malick Ndiaye, Mahret Ifeoma Kupka and Isabel Raabe Read more

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Decolonial information technology workshop


A digital conversation on the digital in December 2021. With Chao Tayiana Maina, Erik Stein, Mahret Ifeoma Kupka, and Isabel Raabe. Read more

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Anti-Colonial Approaches to nature Nature

One-day workshop on 15 July 2022 on "Decolonizing Nature" with 15 experters from various fields to discuss about agriculture, food and related health systems, seed archives, climate change and landscpae as an archive of memories. Read more

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Talk Performance/Artistic Intervention Objects (Re-Evaluation) Decolonize


Starting with an interactive temporary monument at Kottbusser Tor, in 2022, Talking Object Lab's polyphonous projects will take place in Dakar, Nairobi and in Iceland, amongst others. Read more

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Talk Objects (Re-Evaluation)

The Other Objects – A New Behaviour

“The Other Objects” explores the idea that the framework of object movement needs to expand beyond the three-dimensional artefact and consider the public space, the constructed environment as objects upon which the same forces of colonial appropriation and movement. The Nairobi team wishes to invite… Read more

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Decolonize Talk

Unexpected Lessons – Welcome Remarks

„The Western archive is exhausted!“ says Felwine Sarr. What can knowledge be today, beyond European knowledge systems? New perspectives and questions are needed in order to break up colonial thought patterns and challenge Eurocentric, white views that are deeply rooted in the European understanding… Read more

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Talk Decolonize

Decolonization Labour is Emotional Labour

»Why are we keeping our heritage in someone else’s country?« Read more

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Knowledge Memory Museum practices Talk

Unexpected Lessons

The performative discursive event »UNEXPECTED LESSONS - Decolonizing Memory and Knowledge« took place on 11th and 12th of June 2021 in parallel in Akademie der Künste Berlin, Nairobi and the digital space. Read more

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Film Memory Contemporary Art Performance/Artistic Intervention

Syowia Kyambi

Kaspale is a trickster character I have created and developed over the past two years, which started as an open-ended performance intervention and has developed into other mediums such as photography, collage, and film. Kaspale began as a way to intervene in spaces charged with colonial activities,… Read more

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African philosophy Contemporary Art Decolonize Archive (Archive practices) Knowledge Memory Museum practices Performance/Artistic Intervention Talk

Healing, as we know it, is about following a holistic approach.

Interview with Curators Mahret Ifeoma Kupka and Isabel Raabe Read more

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